How You Are Paying ALIEXPRESS & BAD AGENTS To Sabotage Your Own E-Com Business Without Knowing It?

Writed by Daniel, Founder of Agora Fulfill
Using AE (Aliexpress) can be very convenient when you are just starting out an Ecommerce business / online store, but anyone who has experienced it for a while will easily recognize some of the minor issues:

It is clear that the parcel has been shipped by Aliexpress company. "Oh, but that's okay, as long as the customer receives the goods?"

 You just need to imagine this, customers will immediately search for the name of Aliexpress and search for the product they have purchased from you and then they realize they lost a significant amount of money while I can completely order by themselves here for a cheaper 3x. It is understandable for someone who receives that kind of parcel, he will think that they have been cheated.

 Show item's invoice, price on the parcel (I mentioned above)
The Epacket shipping method is pretty okay, the price is very cheap and most stores use it as a top priority but it is shown to customers that delivered from ... China. And from personal experience, my customers (mostly from the US) are quite afraid to orders from China due to concerning about quality (even Coronavirus)
 Please note that the "unbox" experience is always an enjoyable experience and is the most important step to getting your customers satisfied, but what if the customer receives the parcel with at least 1 of the 3 issues? above, maybe you will ruin all the effort to build a million $$$ online businesses. That is why you eat a lot of disputes and chargebacks, that's why you spend so much money & effort to earn "repeat customer" but all are unsuccessful after all

Meanwhile, many of my friends (who run 5,6,7-store stores) know the importance of logistics and constantly improve it every day. Even Business 3.0 or 4.0, the most important thing is customer experience
Some behaviors you can follow to increase your LCV (lifetime customer value) or Repeat customer today:

- Add your company logo sticker on the parcel
- Customize package looks professional and strong (most products from AE are wrapped in plastic bags, paperback)
- Insert thank you card with discount code
- Most importantly, reduce shipping time. Epacket usually ships in 20-35 days and that enough customers open a dispute;) Try to max it in 2 weeks, as fast as possible.

I understand that in the beginning, we all like AE (including me) because it facilitates flexible dropship, not investing money for warehouse or MOQ (minimum order quantity).

But, Let's take a look at a few people who know about AE (a friend from China shared with me to help me fully understand why AE sometimes takes 7 days to process orders)

 "Many sellers on AE are not professional sellers. In fact, many Chinese young people went to AE and "create a shop" as a part-time job to earn a little extra income. They do not have a warehouse, no logistic service or any criteria of a seller. They only download photos, information about products from other shops then DROPSHIP for you. They rarely speak English well and because it's not a fulltime job, RIP customer service! "

Don't get me wrong, this article is not for you to abandon AE immediately or say goodbye to AE. In fact, there are many good or even great sellers here. I was also fortunate to find several dedicated sellers ready to mass fulfill via CSV file in 1 note. I created a Facebook group to share with you trusted sellers or hot products every day from very good aliexpress sellers. You can search "Winning Product Revealed (Proven)" on Facebook

One more thing I want to talk about is shipping. Most dropshipper receive free-shipping, but actually that's just the method that you are using to hook your customers :)). It sounds a bit rough, but the seller AE both increase the item price and free shipping to attract you. Trust me

Conclusion: Do not get me wrong, it is still great when you first start, just pay attention to the reputable seller. When your order is stable, when you are SERIOUS in building your brand, I recommend using a trusted agent who can support you 24/7, fully take care of your logistics part
You may have even been BANNED from Facebook advertising for slow shipping taking over 1 month for delivery. 

Ever thought to yourself:
'What's so difficult? Why can't they just pack and send without so much drama dammit!?'

Some well known groups have been advertising fulfilment agents as being the best thing since sliced bread and you can only think to yourself;
"Well, if they are recommending them at their level, then surely they must be good!"

So what happens? You try them out to find out that nothing makes sense or maybe it's just you that is getting poor service but, as a matter of fact, there are many more getting shut down for any truth they speak, just like you!

So on the face of it, their services look perfect until you find out the ugly truth for yourself.
I mean, you're paying for a service, even if you're not using Aliexpress and are using an agent, you were promised;


Maybe one of the above are accurate if you're lucky but most of them are just hype and false promises.
Maybe you've fallen into this trap a few times and I don't blame you.

It's a culture thing really - get punters through the door by offering the world (knowing they can't) - and deal with upset customers (you) later.

Not only is there a language barrier because a lot relies on system translation but, even after all of these years of international trade, there is still HUGE a culture different.

Not to mention Aliexpress shipping times are just way TOO long and fulfilment agents promise 1 day processing but ends up being 3+.

Imagine having to refund a bunch of your orders because of unhappy customers, oh wait, you probably already have!

Come on, no type of business can profitably scale with these uncertainties. If you do, then say bye bye to your 'good run' and hello to countless of complaints, chargebacks and ultimately, payment processor seizures.

AGORA FULFILL is affordable and 100% transparent. We know how terrible it is to fulfill using AliExpress and other fulfilment companies that just don't live up to the hype.

We are all about SPEEDY and LOYALTY. No BS, No Obligation!

AGORA FULFILL is affordable and 100% transparent. 

We Carefully Pack Your Product With 100% Effort!

🛑 Using AliExpress or a Bad Agent? You NEED to STOP! 👇

How We Work Together?

Ethan J. McLaren


  • Sourcing items (1-3 days)
  • Checking quality & packing it
  • Sending you video/photo for you confirm the product quality
  • Shipping & sending you back the tracking numbers

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Reduce Shipping Time

Branded E-Commerce

Support 24/7

  • Fully Transitioning Your Dropshipping Into E-com Brand
  • Greatly Reduced Shipping Delays 
  • Express Quoting/Sourcing/Pick Packing/Shipping
  • Totally Control Product Quality
  • 100% Product Delivered To Your Customers's Hand
  • Customize Package
  • Support Return
  • Send Tracking Number As Soon As Product Is Shipped Out
  • Native English, 24/7 Customer Support
  • And So Much More To Drastically Reduced Refund Requests, PayPal Resolution Cases And Chargebacks
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Frequently Asked Questions

 Do you have access to a "private-line"?
Yes, we do have access to some private lines. We also have access to services aside from ePacket such as Yunexpress, DHL, UPS, E-Commerce, 4px, Cjpacket, Yanwen etc.
 What are the delivery times and could you show proof?
Epacket: 9-20 days
Yanwen: 10-20 days
USPS: 4-10 days
4PX: 10-15 days
DHL: 10 days

 ​Are all shipments fully trackable?
Yes, all of our parcels have end to end tracking meaning you will be able to see that the customer has received their order. We also have options of cheaper, untracked services if you are sending very low ticket, light items
 ​Does your dropshipping service have an app?
Currently not, we will send you back the tracking numbers after your orders are shipped or you can add my staff into your store, he/she will help you fulfill your orders
 What happens if a package was not delivered to the customer?
If the customer is at fault due to an incorrect address or any other error, we will be unable to cover this. If it's our fault, we will bear the cost to re-ship another product to your customer immediately
 Can you get any items from China?
We are able to source pretty much ANYTHING from China, even if you can’t find it on Aliexpress
 Can you put stickers with a logo of our store for each package?
Yes, in fact this is the most cost-effective branding option and can be done fairly cheaply and quickly
 Can you beat Aliexpress on price 100% of the time?
ajority of times, yes. It will depend on volume and is negotiable. Having said that, we are not here to compete on price because we offer a far superior, western managed service – the best sourcing, fulfilment and branding company in China, hands down
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